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Ossi Viljanen, Chair, The Federation of Seinäjoki Enterprises

Research has shown that Seinäjoki is the best city in Finland for entrepreneurship. Here entrepreneurial spirit and desire prevail. Things are decided and done. It creates strong growth, which will also keep the city at the top of development in the future.


Mikko Yliselä,
Managing Director, Semko Oy

In Seinäjoki we don’t have time for regrets, we just make things happen. The city is growing with a positive spirit. It seems that people tend to move to big, growing cities. Seinäjoki is one of the fastest growing cities in Finland, thanks to bold decisions made during the last decades.


Tuomas Tukeva,

Seinäjoki is an attractive city with good geographical location. Both logistic connections and accessibility are top quality, offering an excellent platform for decisive development of global businesses. In Seinäjoki, a good active and positive attitude is combined with the city’s long-term development work to enhance the well-being of both the inhabitants and businesses.



Tero Pukkila, CEO, Ferrum Steel Oy

Seinäjoki has a central location in Finland, no matter where you look from. In an attractive and growing city like Seinäjoki, investing in factory facilities is safe. The Kapernaumi-Roves industrial area is one of the most diverse centres of industrial services in Finland. Here everyone in our partner network are only minutes away.



Juha Gröhn, CEO, Atria Plc

Seinäjoki is a great place for conducting operations, primarily because the people here are highly skilled and diligent. The city keeps on growing and changing. Seems like you just can’t stop Seinäjoki from growing! Here, people always get to work early in the morning. They know that things get sold in the morning too and also that when opportunity knocks, you had better be ready!



Mark Wiltshear, Entrepreneur, Xport Oy

Seinäjoki boasts a supportive business community, where creative people help each other to thrive. The renowned entrepreneurial spirit of Etelä-Pohjanmaa is alive and well, and has become more diverse and more international. To occupy your free-time, dive into the various Summer events and festivals, the passionate sports culture and the vast expanse of forests and countryside to explore.



Sami Rumpunen,
Head of the Festival, Provinssi

I’ve always seen Seinäjoki as a bold and open city, full of positive madness and entrepreneurs and decision-makers who never fail to react quickly and provide innovative solutions. It is a city that shares a set of common goals and is moving in a great direction with full faith in its shining future. In other words, it’s the best possible place for a festival organisation like ours.






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